Skip Public Transit, E-Scooters Are Covid Safe, Economical and Fun

Posted by Ahmed Rehman on

Busy streetcars, crowded subways, and packed buses increase your chances of catching a bug. With COVID-19 cases climbing daily, we need to look for alternative modes of transportation to not only keep ourselves safe, but to ensure we do our part for the greater community.

Alternative transport such as e-scooters are an ideal way to move about the city, . Your favourite ice cream shop across town just got a little closer. An invite to your friends backyard patio turned into a 'Yes, i'll be there'. Re-imagine your transportation!

Plus, when considering the cost of an e-scooter, many companies offer monthly instalment payments so that you can spread the cost out over several months. Your payment would be the equivalent to your monthly Transit pass ($156 TTC Pass) plus the nominal cost to charge your e-scooter.

WHIP e-scooters was created to provide Canadians a high quality, durable e-scooter at an accessible price.

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